Innovation Stones
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Innovation Stones
Transformação de Rochas
Ornamentais, Lda

Telhados Grandes – 2480-143 São Bento
Porto de Mós

Tel: +(351) 249 841 929
Fax: +(351) 249 841 286
Mobile: +(351) 934 997 030 / 033

Welcome to Innovation Stones

Our company transforms ornamental stones and is specialized on the production of decorative stones for home and garden.

Since the creation of Innovation Stones that we are proud of controlling the whole production process of transformation of the stone, from its extraction in our quarries to the transportation to the final customer.

At Innovation Stones we combine innovation and quality to the creativity and a personalized service according to the customer´s needs.

Come and know our modern factory, where we transform the best national and international stones.